Mallika Rale

Trustee/Director of Content

Over the last decade and a half that I have known Mallika, I’m sure I have bored her to death with countless tales of every soul that has crossed my path. Mallika was the first person to not only encourage but also insist I pen down all my experiences. As a journalist, perhaps she knows it’s the most outlandish stories that make for interesting narratives! Thanks to her, I now have a detailed record of my journey as a rehabilitator and can relive all those precious moments at will.

For Mallika, it's always the animal that chooses its home. So, starting with a large family of stray dogs when she was 11 years old, to Murphy, her beloved pup who walked into their house on a cold night seven years ago, many furry beings have found a place in her home and her heart.

Mallika has worked with various newspapers as copy editor-feature writer, and will be overseeing the stories section of our website. To share your rescue/rehab experiences, please feel free to shoot her an email directly.

Honestly, Mallika, going back to our junior college days I would never have imagined that someday we would be here. Thank you ever so much for being a part of Rehabber’s Den.