Ways You Can Help

Since we are endeavoring to reach out to animals over a vast geographical area, we would certainly appreciate all the help we can get. We are currently looking for people to help us in the following:

1. Authors: If you are a rehabilitator and specialize in the hand-raising, care or rehabilitation of any species of animals (both wild and domesticated), we would love to hear from you and share your experiences.
2. Rehabilitators: If you are an experienced rehabilitator or a wildlife enthusiast and can rehabilitate wildlife in your area, please let us know so we can divert distress calls to you.
3. Mentors: If you are an experienced rehabilitator and can mentor or guide budding rehabilitators or people with injured and orphaned wildlife, you would be of great help to us.
4. Website – writers: We are looking for people who can help our authors to write down the protocols.
5. Website – coding: We are also looking for trained professionals (website designers) who can volunteer their time in helping us enhance the website.
6. Donations - We have kept all our resources free of cost so a maximum number of people can benefit from our knowledge and expperience. But we need your help to continue to maintain this free service.
Donate today and help save a life!

Thank you for joining us and making this endeavor a huge success!
My sincere gratitude,

Guidelines for writing protocols for the website

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